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Standard :: Ferrari SSL87F dm8000 PersianPrince Full RC2

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Ferrari-SSL87F-dm8000-PersianPrince-Full RC2.nfi

Persian Empire ChangeLogs :

- based on OE 1.6 PE Mode with new changes
- based on 3rd generation of PE Mode kernels
- fancontrol2 added for vuuno and vuultimo also some other models (inform us about other models)
- vuplus and gigablue tmp problem fixed
- latest vuplus dvbapp sources added
- now supports 15 new 3G modems
- all online servers checked for new changes
- 2012e iana.org sources added for better time synchronization
- hd glass 16 skin removed due the problems with PLi's enigma2
- some RCU pictures added
- PersianEmpireHD1-ramiMAHER 720p skin is the default skin
- ramiMAHER's bootlogo is our bootlogo now (720p)
- all new drivers added
- now supports udev , mtd-tools and device-mapper for new kernels
- Record/Timeshift fixed for dm500hd and dm8000 (ferrari)
- 3G plugin fixed for new PLi's enigma2
- Simple RSS plugin removed , wait for Pure Prestige plugin by mfaraj57 (soon)
- Permanent Clock replaced by Show Clock (long press exit button)
- size reduced
- now you can test permanent channel remove
- includes latest adel sat settings
- ...

Persian Palace ChangeLogs :

- now supports MultiCS r63 , NCam 0.3 , GBox.NET svn806 and OSCam 1.20
- size reduced
- BISS Key Adder updated for channels with same SIDs
- now you can change skin_subtitles.xml font with Font Changer
- "satellites.xml , terrestrial.xml and cables.xml move" fixed for settings downloaders
- channels lock problem fixed (after downloading new settings)
- nfidump updated for new dreambox images
- now you can go back to enigma2 default skin with "DefaultSkin.sh" command in telnet
- enable/disable spinner added
- ...

Persian Grandeur ChangeLogs :

- second build v1.1 (private test only for our team members)
[we're working on our Andorid app and it will be released soon , free and in apk format with direct link
with this app you can do more than just other enigma2 apps
it has base features (you can see them in any app) + Persian Palace features
you will be surprised for world's best enigma2 android app
stay tuned]
- supports BISS Key Adder
- supports C Line creator
- split to 2 parts (Persian Palace and Extra Features)

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